About us

The Maltese alternative music scene encompasses an eclectic spectrum of musical genres and presents a lot of potential despite it being just a small rock in the middle of the Mediterranean sea.

From renowned alt-rock/indie bands such as Plato’s Dream Machine and Stalko, to legendary electronic producers such as Cygna and Owen Jay, world-class death metallers such as Beheaded and Abysmal Torment to uprising hip-hop collectives such as Sempliċiment Tat-Triq, Malta has it all. Maltese artists are continuously producing new, original and world-class music and even with such a small population, Malta is creating quite a stir by hosting a large number of quality music events and festivals. These frequently showcase international performances which reach out to and attract a wide range of audiences.

Trackage Scheme’s (TS) aim is to bring together the disparate strands of Malta’s eclectic scene under one roof. By facilitating access to information about artists, collaborating with individuals and institutions to promote Maltese music locally and abroad, coordinating marketing strategies and hosting events,  TS increases the visibility of Maltese music in the international sphere, and provides an essential one-stop resource for all interested parties.

TS will achieve its objectives via a multi-strategy approach that includes building accessible and comprehensive databases, supporting Maltese labels, artists and events, providing information on Maltese music to followers and the media, encouraging the uptake of music practice, planning and coordinating events and festivals as well as connecting people. TS is a music hub that identifies, supports and promotes Maltese music artists. Our vision is to be Malta’s leading platform to showcase local alternative music in an international spotlight and our mission is to identify, support and promote Maltese alternative musical talent in pursuing their dreams and aspirations.

Trackage Scheme runs three main platforms. This website, which focuses on introducing Maltese music, artists, labels, events and festivals as well as provide information on how one can enrol into a music lessons of their choice at our music school. Our online shop is also used to buy and sell event tickets, music albums and merchandise. This site hosts the crowdfunding platform which is used to raise funding for artists and their artistic ventures.

The Facebook group which is used as a music sharing medium and the Facebook page which is used to spotlight Maltese artists, share interviews, music productions, competitions, events as well as update members with Trackage Schemes’ current and future projects.

“Big up for Trackage Scheme who are constantly promoting local acts and improving the Maltese alternative scene.”  –  Clint Spiteri, KNTRL