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Project Description

Hello, fellow Rock the Southers…

Unfortunately, we are going to have to cancel this year’s edition of Rock The South as we know it. What makes this festival special is the people and the interaction we have together. We would like to try capture the magic we usually experience every year with this online edition, which we are calling “Rock The Quarantine”. It will be a free online live show version of the traditional “Rock the South” event which will be broadcast on YouTube and Facebook this coming May 15th 16th and 17th. The show will feature Maltese and international bands playing live. The show will be spread across a weekend. We will have foreign acts taking part together with a number of local bands and artists to give you the best entertainment.
For weeks, the Maltese population, together with the populations of the home countries of many of our international bands have been asked to stay at home for extended periods of time. People are stressed, concerned, and sometimes, just plain bored at home. We believe we’ve found a way to boost morale and entertain thousands of people in various countries, all while promoting Malta and Maltese artists.

Huge thanks to everyone for your support and special thanks to all the people and companies that supported us till now, please check the number of offers we have for you.
See you in 2021 for our 10-year anniversary.

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